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Children of the Harbor is a Documentary Film Project that focuses on the personal struggles of HIV positive children living at the Green Harbor Red-Ribbon School in Linfen, China. The children living at the School are innocent victims of wide-spread stigma and Discrimination. they have Been Alienated from their peers, banished by their own villages, separated from their families, and/or denied their right to pursue an education within the Chinese public school system--all because of their Hiv status. As a result, the children have no choice but to attend the Green Harbor Red-Ribbon School, a boarding school specifically for children living with HIV/AIDS. 

Despite their countless hardships, the children of the Green Harbor embody a spirit of beauty and wisdom. Their poignant struggles, personal successes, cultured intellect, and radiant personalities will challenge anyone who holds discriminatory attitudes to re-evaluate their prejudices toward people living with HIV/AIDS. 

while Children of the Harbor focuses on the children living at the Green Harbor Red-Ribbon School, we believe all HIV positive people have the right to live without fear of stigma or discrimination. The project is designed to utilize
DOCUMENTARY FILM-MAKING, PHOTOJOURNALISM, AND SOCIAL MEDIA to raise awareness, increase empathy, and reduce stigma and Discrimination for all people living with HIV/AIDS.

We hope you will support us in our endeavor!

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