The Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has generously supported our work since day 1. This project would not be possible without their financial, legal, professional, and creative support. To learn more about AHF, the largest non-government HIV/AIDS organization in the world, please visit their website:




Seraph+Tom is a partnership between Chinese Seraph Ching, a 35-year-old accountant in Shanghai, and 72-year-old American Tom Diffenbach, a non-partisan political consultant in the USA. Seraph+Tom provide free English lessons to underprivileged children around the globe. Since 2010, Seraph and Tom have helped to create, advise, and support dozens of small projects in half a dozen countries, Their work is non-partisan, non-religious, highly personalized, and entirely free. Seraph+Tom are now providing weekly English lessons to the HIV+ children living at the Green Harbor Red-Ribbon School. 


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