Ann Wang, Executive Producer, Director

Ann Wang is an award-winning visual journalist based in Yangon, Myanmar. Originally from Taiwan, Ann has lived in New Zealand, China, Los Angeles, Boston, and now Myanmar, each experience helping to shape her unique global perspective. Ann holds a photojournalism master's degree from Boston University. She loves to do stories about individuals, most importantly, to document their day-to-day joys and struggles.  She is available for domestic and international assignments. Her work has been published by The Stand, The Huffington Post, Frontier Myanmar and Jetstar Inflight magazine. Contact: 


Bryan Anker, Executive Producer

Bryan Anker, originally from Los Angeles, is a medical student at Boston University. He is passionate about working with underserved communities and intends to pursue a career in primary care. Prior to entering medical school, from 2011 to 2014, Bryan worked with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. With AHF, he worked closely with the AHF China Bureau to document obstacles to HIV testing and treatment. Bryan also served as an HIV tester/counselor and research assistant in Los Angeles. Contact:


Josh Anker, Chief Editor

Josh is a 10 year veteran of the Television and Film industry specializing in Sports and Entertainment as both a producer and Editor. He currently serves as Engineer in Charge/Editor at FOX studios in Southern California. He has worked on many documentary style projects and looks forward to utilizing his skills to tell the story of the children living at the Green Harbor Red-Ribbon School.                                     



Zaji Zabalerio, Producer

Zaji Zabalerio is a Filipino-American filmmaker whose wanderlust has taken him around the world to engage and interact with diverse cultures and to shape stories that resonate within communities both at home and abroad. He is expanding a passion for exploring new perspectives to familiar stories and for creating narratives that bring the raw and unknown to the public eye.


Grayson Kohs, Director of Photography

Grayson Kohs is a cinematographer drawn to the spontaneous situation, the hole in the wall, the story untold. His eye for documentaries embraces the unscripted stories unfolding in real time through a viewfinder. With a background in music video and production, his visual style is informed by a visual “pocket”— the moment when the vision is clear and everyone is in sync with the same energy.  


Jing Wei Pan, Chief Technology Officer 

Jingwei is currently working as a software engineer in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Harbin, China, she lived in Vancouver before attending college in New Hampshire at Dartmouth University. As a university student Jingwei teamed up with community health, workers and HIV+ individuals living in the Navajo Nation to develop an HIV prevention curriculum. In the future, Jingwei intends to go to medical school and use her computer science background to enhance healthcare delivery systems for under-resourced communities.